Various arbors and adapters

Because there aren’t too many options available for the Unimat DB/SL series, you often have to make your own or adapt things. Such is the case for slitting saws and boring heads.

I bought some .5 and 1mm thick 30mm diameter saws from CTC Tools. Excellent price and the look to be of good quality. I have some hex brass, this was drilled out to 11mm at one end and then tapped 12×1 for the spindle nose. Once on the spindle I turned part of it down to round, then cut a 13mm boss at the end. A piece of steel round was cut, counter bored to fit over the 13mm boss and then drilled to 13/64 to clear a 5×1 socket head cap screw. A test with one of the blades was a success. A bit of clean-up and finishing resulted in a nice looking unit.IMGP2698

To adapt my 30mm Soba boring head (bought from RDG Tools) I cut the end off the supplied MT1 adapter. This was again faced off, bored out to 11mm and then tapped 12×1. This was tough and you can see the vice marks as a result! I should have clamped this in the 3-jaw on the 10mm threads but instead I clamped it on the outer circumference. This resulted in excessive run-out. After some heavy work re-tapping the ole at an angle I got the unit to sit correctly on the spindle. Final run-out is minimal which is fine for a boring head.IMGP2666


Lastly I made a spindle adapter to mount a hand crank. Strange as it sounds, hand cranking the spindle makes for very controlled cutting, e.g. when tapping threads in spindle adapters.



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