Tailstock die holder

Threading using a die has challenges in keeping the thread from wandering. Not too difficult if the length is only 1-2 times the diameter but it gets worse if you need a longer thread. Besides screw cutting using a leadscrew there is also the die holder.

Dies are typically 13/16” or 1” diameter. I already have a holder for the small dies so:

Cut off a length of 1.5” steel, mount in chuck (reverse the jaws) and steady the outer end with the steady rest. You will be doing a lot of sideways cutting and without the steady rest the piece will pop out of the chuck.

Center drill, then drill out to 7/16 in steps. Use a boring bar to open up the hole to .997 which is the diameter of the dead center. Then open up to depth of die and out to 1”. Drill 2 holes radially 90 degrees apart, tap for 10-32. A hole sized for one of the 3-jaw tommy bars keeps the holder from turning.

You can now thread without wandering. Place a die in the holder, and the holder onto the dead center. Use the spindle wrench to turn the part/spindle into the die. Even better is to add a drive handle to the spindle, a later project.


Do not try to thread under power, things will happen too quickly and likely result in damage to lathe and/or to you.

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