AMT 300 SL 1/25

I bought this kit for $5. And I think I paid too much.

Poor fit, lots of mold lines, warped parts, just not a quality model. But I did persist to complete it. In the process I learned about using CA when you can’t hold something till it sets. And removing mold lines from fenders, priming with sandable primer and then touching up the missed spots.

While doing the usual trimming, removal of separation lines, etc. I am also doing research into the details of the real car. The plan is to enhance the AMT model with more realism so that I can learn new skills.


  1. Hjeltness Restoration
  2. HK-Engineering
  3. Bruce L. Adams Restoration
  4. Classic Restoration
  5. The Healey Werks
  6. Scale Auto Magazine Forum AMT kit build
  7. Scale Auto Magazine Forum, another AMT kit build

In the end I gave up on the model, I have lots of better quality kits to work on. But it is in my display case as example of the learning process Smile