Mounting a Screwless Vise on the Taig Lathe

Having a ER16 collet chuck at last, I made a list of tooling to build. One of my recent purchases were a 1” and 2” screwless machinist vises from Shars Tools. The 2” vise is conveniently just a bit narrower than the vertical milling slide. A detailed drawing 2014-06-11 14.06.45and some machining

2014-06-08 16.26.36 2014-06-11 14.06.29

resulted in the required 2 sets of parts.

The Taig slides all have small t-slots on the sides. Interestingly not quite the same dimensions on each side but close. The pegs fit in the t-slot, the block fits over the peg and a washer/screw hold the vise down. A couple of hours work, using the filing rest completed just before this project (it’s all about sequence of building tooling at present)

2014-06-11 14.04.41 2014-06-11 14.02.58

When I received the 2″ vise I initially wondered if it was out of scale with the Taig but with it now mounted the size is just right. Can’t wait to get some use from the combination.

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