More Tool Storage

Now that I have a taste for using Forstner bits, and have a tidy supply of hardwood it is time to provide a safe home for my end mills. When I bought my tool chest/rolling cabinet, the owner kindly provided a large selection of end mills, setup rods and parallels.

The .5 and .375 shanks mean a standard hole size. A bit of work with a CAD package and I have a layout. This is glued to the wood. The centres are popped with an automatic punch and off to the drill press.

2014-06-26 08.08.50 2014-06-26 08.12.26

A row of .5” holes and 2 rows of .375. The forstners drill quite accurate holes (Harbor Freight) and the mills fit very well, to the point of getting a pop when you pull one out. An air hole is drilled at the bottom of each cavity to avoid this problem.

A bit of tidying up with a counter sink and voila, another storage solution finished. Uses less space and keeps the cutter edges from getting damaged. I could get to like wood working again at this rate.2014-06-26 10.33.51

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