Making the outer shaft support

After a too long absence from making this engine, today some real progress. From my other posts you will have seen that I now have a real milling machine. I took some time to sort that machine out and make some enhancements. Now I am taking advantage of those improvements.

The Outer Shaft Support is fairly simple, most of its lines are cosmetic in nature. Or a test of your machining and setup skills or both Smile I had already learned to make a Sequence of Operations for parts, doing so means you don’t machine yourself into a corner where you can no longer hold the part!


I squared up a piece of aluminum plate, and marked up the cut lines. I then cut off a slightly too large piece. You can make things smaller, making them bigger again is a challenge. I used the band saw to rough cut out the outer pieces to save machining time. Using a 0.25” end mill I removed metal to the line. For appearance I left the bottom of those cutouts round. The piece came loose at the wrong time and so there is a small whoopsie on one side. After measuring the resulting part I saw that I came quite close to the desired dimensions. None so far are critical but it is something I know I need to improve on.

20160809_193501 20160809_194039
20160809_200738 20160809_203138

The two scallops on the sides were cut using my small boring head. I adjusted it to make a 30mm circle, touched the cutter to side of work piece and then set the traverse stops to allow for a 3mm deep cut. I had made the missing stop a few days ago knowing it would come in handy soon.


A bit of deburring and the piece is ready to bore the shaft hole and bearing recess. That will wait until the 2 other Support Plates are made so that all the holes line up without shimming etc.


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