Making spindle attachments

I need a boring head. I can buy one, I can make one. Being cheap, actually being selective on what I spend my $ on, I will make one. There are plenty of examples to base my design, some complex, some simple. The challenge is to build one without buying more tools such as dovetail cutters.

To get started, I ordered a 12×1 tap set (starting, regular and bottoming) from RDG Tools in UK. I had some scrap steel so off we went. Not sure what I will use the end result for but it proves to myself that I can make accurate gadgets.

The hole was bored out to 11mm using a boring tool and my Starrett hole gauge. The hole was counterbored to 12mm for 4mm or so to clear the unthreaded part of the spindle. The end was faced at the same time to ensure concentric seating on the lathe spindle. I then tapped the threads, using the hole in the tailstock to keep the tap inline with the hole. Tapping then moved to the vise in the building’s hobby room. I then trued and cleaned up the outer diameter after mounting the unit on the spindle. Now I know that I can safely buy the steel for the real thing!

IMGP2180 (1024x678) IMGP2182 (1024x678)
IMGP2183 (1024x678) IMGP2184 (1024x678)
IMGP2185 (1024x524)  

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