Taig Lathe

I now have a Taig lathe, courtesy of a friend on the Unimat Yahoo group. It is basic, came with a tailstock (which is missing the dead centre). After some reading I took it apart, cleaned and adjusted the carriage, cross slide and tail stock.

Next up, a base with motor mount. For now I am using the motor from a small drill press, more than adequate power. Some test cuts resulted in decent finish.IMGP1046

A trip to Lee Valley resulted in returning with 3-jaw chuck, milling attachment, live centre, steady rest and several blank arbors. I made a dead center shaft and tapped it 3/8-24 on the end to mount a drill chuck. Not great but good enough for now.

A second trip and I have the faceplate, compound rest, rear tool post. From Jeff at Soigneris I bought a dead center, spindle wrench and 1/2 drill chuck. (Excellent and professional service, economical shipping to Canada). I bought a 4-jaw from my friend after getting to try it out for a week. How did I ever work without one Smile

Further posts will detail additions and modifications I made. You can subscribe to my Taig related posts.