Unimat stuff

Somewhere in the 1970’s I bought a Unimat DB 200 lathe. Small, affordable and surprisingly capable. You need to take your time, no 0.25” roughing cuts but if you keep within its limits you can get decent accuracy. The unit is capable of use as a lathe, drill press and milling machine.

Fast forward to the next century. I am retired, have lots of time and of course CNC is now affordable. After buying some NEMA 17 steppers, surplus of course, and a 4 axis controller, I set off to convert to CNC. My theory being that if I need to take lots of small cuts, have the computer do it for me! I bought brackets, pulleys, belts etc from GuruAutomation. Added my own motors, loaded Mach3 demo onto a small computer and away we go. That leaves the spindle feed which takes a bit more effort.

These posts show the various bits of work on the machine: