From an early age I have tinkered, built, disassembled and generally been fascinated by mechanical things. In high school I eagerly took machine shop, electrical, electronics, sheet metal, drafting, etc. I still use most of what I learned! My Unimat, which I bought in 1974, is now sold. It has gone on to another life. I have switched to a Taig lathe, a result of a bargain that I could not refuse.

As with the Unimat, I am first spending time getting used the the machine and so am building some additions and modifications. In spring of 2014 I expect to actually build something, not decided yet what that will be.

Decision is made (May 2014): The first ‘thing’ is a 4 stroke engine with glass cylinders by Jan Ridders. You can see his running. Tools are on order, will get metal, hardware and glass in the next few weeks.