Front of car, almost done

Lots of work done over the past week. Painted various aluminum items with airbrush using Model Master Enamel. Getting tired of the bad bearings in my spray booth though. I guess using a cooling fan from a 1970’s Univac 7105 plated Wire memory module wasn’t the best long term solution Smile At least the fumes are exhausting outside, keeps me happy.

I am getting more comfortable with the using the airbrush for small parts, the thin layer of paint ensures that all the available detail remains visible. And for aluminum you cant beat spray. Also using CA to attach painted parts means that the paint doesn’t get messed up.

With the exception of some hoses (have to source that yet) the front section of the car is about done.

IMGP2141 IMGP2142
IMGP2143 IMGP2144

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