Fixing the grinder workhead

The work head on my antique grinder is in need of some remedial work. When I measure the run-out (wobble) it is 0.006”. Might not seem like much but when you need to grind a shaft down to some size it would be great if the result were actually round!

Measuring the taperJust how far out is it?

The shaft is steel with a 1MT taper inside. The outside is brass, or maybe bronze. That taper is B&S which is 0.502” per foot. With the shaft between centres on the lathe I can measure the outside run-out, the inside being on the centres. So it is the outside which is wrong. The taper is also not a straight line.

Offset the tailstock

A few very light cuts remove the wobble. The shaft now fits tightly but turns as well as it should.Making it straight

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