Finished a model!

At long last, I completed a model last week. It took over 9 years if I recall its purchase date correctly. At the time I owned a Nissan 240SX SE. My dream was to get a 300ZX turbo but that was not to be. As compensation my BH bought me a Tamiya 1/24 300ZX kit.

The kit was finished including paint but I wasn’t at all pleased with the paint job. So I learned how to strip and repaint.

I used both Castrol Super Clean and brake fluid. Super Clean wins hands down. It even strips chrome off the plastic. After sanding, priming and several coats of acrylic using an airbrush (first time for that as well) the result is ok. The first repaint attempt was actually better with the exception of a few runs. Stripped it again and the repaint was pretty good. Not as shiny as I wanted but at some point enough is enough for any model. I will use what I learned on the next model.

Some pics:

IMGP9873 IMGP9869 IMGP9871

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