Exhaust Valve and Cylinder Block Mounting

Next up, the exhaust valve housing and mounting the cylinder block.
I turned the housing from some brass, I was hoping for bronze but none to be had when I was ready for it. This piece threads into the support plate, it will need some thread locker on assembly to keep it in place. IMGW1374

The cylinder block, which I made on my Taig in fall of 2014, was marked up for holes on 3 sides. 2 are tapped for the spark plug and carburetor, the other is the exhaust port.


To align the exhaust port with the exhaust housing I turned down the end of a piece of 8mm rod to fit in the housing and the 4mm hole in the cylinder block. I squared this up on the marked up support plate, then clamped.







The mounting holes were tapped m3. And then test assembled to view something that is now resembling an engine.


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