Drilling the bottom plate

The bottom plate is up next. I need to mount the bearing/shaft supports so that I can measure dimension changes needed for the shafts. The material is Imperial, the drawings metric. Without redrawing everything I think this is my best approach to arriving at parts that fit together.
I bought a full set of ER32 collets so that I can use the horizontal mill for drilling as well as milling. I used a 5/16 end mill to counter-bore the holes, I really wanted to make some metric counter-bores, but need to use the tool grinder to finish those. The end mill worked out ok but not great. Thankfully I am the only one who will see the 2 bores that are out of center 🙂




The plate was cut to size by removing the vise from the band saw and clamping the plate directly to the base. Metal Supermarkets pricing is lower when you buy stock sizes. 20161106_125258

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