Detailing starts

Now the moment I was waiting for, adding details to the model. I ordered the detailing workbook from Modeler’s Site, well worth the small price. I want to learn new techniques but also avoid a lot of trial and error. The quality of the photos in the pdf could be better but overall its guidance is helping a lot.

One challenge is to find scale wire, tubing etc. After a bit of research I decided to buy a few sizes of  nylon fishing line. Using basic Rit dye (and adding some vinegar to the water) you can colour the nylon to anything you want. I aso use 30ga wire wrap wire, left over from my mainframe days. More details on the RH side of page under Model Info. I also ordered a set of 0.2-0.8mm carbide drills to make holes to insert the wires into.

The result so far:

IMGP2124 IMGP2125

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