Chips, contain yourself

Machining in a condo/apartment brings with it some restrictions. One is controlling chips that like to fly everywhere, the other is noise and vibration. Having done some of the work so far in the hobby room 11 floors down, I would prefer to do as much work at home.

Reusing the Plexiglas from another project, I built a folding lid and support. An additional shield mounts to the carriage and lastly one on the head stock to keep stuff from going to the left. Drilling brackets is made easier with the milling attachment, excellent control of position etc.

In practice the shields do quite well. Sometimes swarf/chips still come out the front so I will no doubt do a Mk 2 version later on.IMGW1105

With that under control, I moved to the vibration issue. Noise travels in interesting ways in concrete buildings, our condo is no exception. Keeping the noise down keeps the cats happy as well.

I made silicone isolation bumpers from bath tub sealer. The mold is part of a roll-on deodorant cap. Fill half way with sealant, smooth out and let it cure for a few hours (this type of silicone air cures, nothing much seems to speed up the process). Fill to top of mold with more sealant, smooth out and let it all cure for 2 days. 3 of these do a wonderful job! 2 go on the LH side of the mounting board, one in middle on RH side. (RH side does not have a lot of weight on it)IMGW1109

The end result of today’s efforts is a tidier work environment that I can use even in the evenings.


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