Making an ER16 collet holder

Long long ago I bought a set of collets to accurately hold smallish diameter metal for machining. The Unimat resisted my attempts at Plan A, adapting an existing collet chuck. The problem is to get the addition exactly concentric to … Continue reading

Chips, contain yourself

Machining in a condo/apartment brings with it some restrictions. One is controlling chips that like to fly everywhere, the other is noise and vibration. Having done some of the work so far in the hobby room 11 floors down, I … Continue reading

Cross slide DRO

I did some planning for the modifications and additions I want/need to make. One of those involves turning down 8mm drill rod to .1562 to tap as 10-32 thread. Rather than cut, stop to measure, guess how much more to … Continue reading

Slitting saw arbor

Cutting metal by hand is tiring and doing it accurately is difficult. Next up is a slitting saw arbor. This lets me use a metal cutting blade to accurately cut bits of metal, plastic and even wood. Taig sells blank … Continue reading

Tailstock die holder

Threading using a die has challenges in keeping the thread from wandering. Not too difficult if the length is only 1-2 times the diameter but it gets worse if you need a longer thread. Besides screw cutting using a leadscrew … Continue reading