At last, a milling machine

Opportunity came knocking and I answered. A small horizontal milling machine became available. And now it is in the basement!


An unknown brand, it has 3 speeds and metric lead screws. Divisions on the handles are 0.1mm, approx. .004 inch. A solidly built machine, it is in good condition showing little wear and no abuse. I might repaint it machinery gray at a later date but for now I want to get on with using it.

I stripped the machine to components, cleaned and re-assembled. No bad surprises, old oil and metal chips were easily removed with Varsol. There are just a few Allen bolts and set screws to replace.


The spindle is 1.125-12, a match for Myford and others. It is a solid spindle which is a pity as a MT2 taper with draw bar would get some horizontal clearance back. The unit probably weighs over 120 lbs., it doesn’t move once placed on the bench. Operation is very quiet and smooth.


The ER32 collet chuck came with a 3/32” collet enabling me to try cutting some mystery aluminum with an 1/8 milling cutter. I am ordering some more collets to fit my various end mills. For the .75” and 1” diameter ones I will have to make my own arbors from 1.75” diameter steel, that will go onto the Tools-To-Make list.


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