A Fixture Plate

There are a few machining steps coming up for the Jan Ridders Glass Cylinder engine that require larger pieces to be machined than will fit int he milling vise. A usual solution is a T Slot table to bolt onto the cross slide or milling slide but there isn’t one available in Taig size. Some time ago I bought a bunch of metal from someone, including a large piece of 1/2″ cast aluminum plate. A 5 minute cutting session on the bandsaw resulted in a 4” x 5.25” plate.Laying out on the granite surface plate

A bit of layout work and off to the drill press. Given that there is a grid of 20 holes to drill and tap I made use of the recently built fogless coolant sprayer to keep the drill bit cool and lubricated. The drill press was used to guide the 10-32 tap into the holes, finishing the tapping in a vise.

Cool air and cutting fluid keep the drill happyGuiding the tap straight in to the holeOnly a few more to go!

Last I drilled 4 mounting holes to line up with the T Slots on the Taig cross slide and milling slide.

Verifying location of mounting holesAll cleaned up after a bath

I don’t have a #10 counterbore and the 10-32 SHCS’s I have are too long so 2 more tools go on the build list before I can finish this plate.

A sample of why this is so handy to have

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