Updated site with more model builds

Since moving mid 2011, I finally have a room just for my hobbies. And the time to build kits etc.

So far I have build a 300SL, M1126 Stryker and a 1275S Mini Cooper. In progress are a Tyrrell P34 1/12 kit and a BF109K-4 in 1/48 scale. You can see details on the RH side.

The Unimat gets CNC for Christmas

Yep, even machines celebrate the season. I finally broke down and bought a set of brackets, pulleys and belts to add NEMA17 drive to the cross feed and carriage of my 1970’s Unimat DB 200. Purchased from Guru Automation they are nicely made and bolt on. Some of the alignment is a bit tedious but once done they should stay that way.

Some photos of course and a video:

CNC at last!
IMGP2008 IMGP2010
IMGP2016 IMGP2017
IMGP2018 IMGP2014

Finished a model!

At long last, I completed a model last week. It took over 9 years if I recall its purchase date correctly. At the time I owned a Nissan 240SX SE. My dream was to get a 300ZX turbo but that was not to be. As compensation my BH bought me a Tamiya 1/24 300ZX kit.

The kit was finished including paint but I wasn’t at all pleased with the paint job. So I learned how to strip and repaint.

I used both Castrol Super Clean and brake fluid. Super Clean wins hands down. It even strips chrome off the plastic. After sanding, priming and several coats of acrylic using an airbrush (first time for that as well) the result is ok. The first repaint attempt was actually better with the exception of a few runs. Stripped it again and the repaint was pretty good. Not as shiny as I wanted but at some point enough is enough for any model. I will use what I learned on the next model.

Some pics:

IMGP9873 IMGP9869 IMGP9871

MegaCity 2009 Car Model event

I attended this event for several reasons. 1) to support Group25, 2) to see what bargains there were.

There were a lot of entries for the judging. Group25 members are not accepted for the judged events, this avoids any notion of conflict of interest. The Gallery below shoows a few exampls of the quaility of models submitted.

I also bought 4 kits, the prices were too good. A Fujimi Ferrari 330P4, A 2005 Ford GT40, a 1967 Ford GT40 Mark IV and a Tamiya Renault RE 30B Turbo F1 car. I bought from various local vendors, if we don’t support our local shops then there won’t be any!

Group25 Car Model Club

On Saturday I attended my first meeting of Group25, a local car model club. They meet on 2nd Sat of the month. Generally people bring one or more of their projects to the meeting and work on them for a few hours while chatting about models, building and lots of unrelated topics at the same time. At the end there is a formal meeting where club business is discussed, e.g. the upcoming MegaCity show on Sept 27, 2009. This show is a great place to meet other hobbiests as well as look for bargains from the vendors.

After the meeting we retired to the Golden Star for more discussions and excellent burgers. Met some very interesting people, they are all very open to sharing their expereince with newcomers. Check out the Group25 site.

I found out about this club at the Toronto Hobby Show 2 years ago. Last year there was no show but with a new owner this year will be the beginning of a new focus on hobbies. The show is Nov 6-8, 2009. Now I have to decide if I build a car model at the show or be in the Metro Marine Modellers booth with my attempts at restoring the HMCS Athabaskan model, decisions, decisions 🙂

Getting ready to restore

Today I took the Athabaskan model out of the shipping crate. Had a good look at what is ahead of me and kept the fittings and deck houses out of the crate. So, possibly next week I will make the first steps at actually working on the model. Probably the first thing to figure out is the best way to remove paint and glue. Most of the glue that dad used is CA but there is some other discoloured stuff visible as well. I have access to carb cleaner and something similar to  Castrol Super Clean (which does a great job in removing paint from plastic models). And of course there is lacquer thinners and paint remover but those have too many fumes to deal with. We shall see….