Installing a DC motor on the lathe

After many hours of using the lathe, it was time to finally get rid of changing belts and install a variable speed motor. Trolling Kijiji resulted in purchasing a 2.5HP 130VDC treadmill motor.

The result, variable speed and much better finish since I can now set the speed I need instead of making do. Switching between HSS and insert tooling no longer requires getting out the 14mm wrench 🙂
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A Gear Cutter Backing Off Device, aka Eureka

I am in process of building a Jan Ridders Glass Cylinder engine and it requires T2.5 timing pulleys. I am not fond of spending money (it is a hereditary thing I think) so I intend to make my own pulleys. Originally I was going to use the fly cutter technique but with the tiny tip size I am concerned that the tool will not last cutting 3 pulleys. Continue reading

An interchangeable tool holder design

The next few parts on the Glass Engine are brass. For that I need to grind some cutting tools, the geometry for brass cutting is quite different. While I have a Quick Change Toolpost, every cutter more or less needs its own holder. This gets pricey at CA$20 each. Plus the growing collection needs a storage solution.

On YouTube I had seen an interesting solution while browsing for tool grinder videos. Luis Ally uses round tool bits for his machining. Well worth a watch. Basically you make a holder for round tool steel, and replace the ‘inserts’ as needed. Since I have a Tool & Cutter Grinder and I have 6 and 8mm round tool steel, it was just the solution.

I used some .5” square stock, drilled a 5.5mm hole and reamed it out to 6mm. Then using a slitting saw I cut a groove on one side. This allows the clamping force of the tightening screws to lock the tool bit in place.


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The flywheel

Time for some heavy metal! The flywheel is 100mm diameter and 25mm thick. I had an ugly lump of steel that was just right for this.


The lump was setup in a 4 jaw chuck and centered as best as possible. With light cuts to avoid the thing flying out I surfaced the outer diameter to correct size.

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